In a few words

Fighting against rural exodus and poverty. Revealing while protecting pristine nature, a true gift that the Philippines can offer.  Leveraging while respecting local culture and traditions. Exploiting the unique potential of Filipinos’ warm hospitality. All over the country are men and women who solve these issues and leverage resources by undertaking tourism projects and businesses. Our project aims to interview these people and promote their work.

Sama-Sama Découverte is a three-months exploration project on sustainable tourism in the Philippines, starting on the 9th of July, and created by two French students, Violaine Pierre (Institute of Political Sciences, Paris) and Edern Le Bris (IESEG School of Management).

Sama-Sama, “together” in Tagalog, is an invitation to solidarity and sharing. Experience and knowledge sharing between us, the stakeholders involved in sustainable tourism (businesses, NGOs, governmental institutions, local communities, educational institutions and tourists) and anyone concerned by these alternative forms of tourism.

Our Mission:

Spread awareness about the development of Sustainable Tourism in the Philippines by interviewing the change makers of this sector and promote their activities through online social media, French and Filipino tourism-specialized media.

Our Objective:

Identify, analyze and promote the best practices of sustainable tourism and their entrepreneurs by interviewing them. Hence, we will understand the related objectives, means and results of the initiatives implemented, and the inherent stories of the entrepreneurs. We will then make around 20 portraits of them which we will promote online and through articles in French and Filipino Tourism Media. We are also building a partnership with the UP Asian Institute of Tourism and its students to share and collaborate on the analysis of the initiatives.

In the scope of our project, we rely on a broad definition of sustainable tourism in order to discover and promote a wide range of projects and businesses. Our study will give a particular interest to any tourism initiative dedicated to:

  • The observation and protection of the environment while implementing educational programs or activities about the environment for the tourists and local communities, particularly in the respect of the latter (Ecotourism)
  • The promotion and respect, or the conservation of local cultures and traditions (Cultural-based Tourism)
  • The support towards sustainable employment and training of local communities relying on fair compensations (Fair Tourism)

To find the list of our articles in English, please click here 

Une réponse à “In a few words”

  1. Janice Gabuat dit :

    What you guys do is really inspiring. I hope I could have the same drive when I start my data-gathering in Mindanao areas! The issues raised here are very timely. Truly, it’s best to have the community participate and have dialogues with them, so they will be aware of their opportunities, at the same time, of the risks involved about putting up tourism/engaging in tourism activities in their area. Will check out your other posts. Mabuhay!

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